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     Joanna Fowler (BHSI-certified) and her daughter, Duschka, are talented and experienced riding instructors who make an effort to know and understand both their horses and students. They teach an exciting, safe style of horsemanship with a basis of riding with a balanced position and treating horses with respect.

     Students learn confidence, leadership, and assertiveness along with their riding skills, often forging some of their closest friendships with fellow riders. Many of the older or more advanced riders spend considerable time at “the barn”, experiencing what life at a barn is all about through learning the details of horse care and what happens "behind the scenes."

     Through the Fowlers' guidance, students at Brackenhollow grow into well-rounded horse-people with a strong technical foundation emphasizing Dressage, Eventing, and Pony Club. There are 13 wonderful school horses, ranging from gentle beginners horses to those who can compete at high levels.

     While some students do own their own horses, Brackenhollow is unique in that students can ride for decades without needing to own a horse. Some of the Fowlers' horses have been ridden at Pony Club "A" ratings, and have competed in upper levels of eventing.

     The atmosphere is relaxed, safe, encouraging and fun, and many students grow to see the barn community as part of their own family. When riders are at an appropriate level there are opportunities for competition and using a horse for being involved in Pony Club. Give us a call or check us out on facebook for more information.


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